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The Many Uses of LED Lighting


Here at Lighted Image, we use LED lighting in each and every one of the mirrors we carry. Seeing as how LED boast longevity, energy efficiency, and perfect lighting, we feel they’re a perfect fit for our innovative mirrors. Of course, our stylish mirrors aren’t the only way LEDs are used. Though they’re nothing new, LEDs have become quite popular in recent years, and the options in how you use them are seemingly endless. For many, their best use is for the energy efficiency and versatility, but for others, LED lights are the perfect means to get creative.

Since LEDs are an essential part of Lighted Image, we thought we’d spend a little time checking out the many uses of LEDs, both for creative and general lighting purposes. In the end, you may have the perfect idea for a DIY mirror project. Let’s take a look.

5 Creative Uses for LEDs

Though they don’t serve a purpose other than looking cool and unique, these uses of LED to follow are quite interesting. Much like our LED Infinity Mirror, many of these items to follow make for great accent and decor pieces in the home. Check them out:

  • Shower Heads: Available for purchase and ready to install, LED shower heads add bright colors and a cool look to the shower, making them great for commercial spaces like hotels.
  • Tables: Whether they’re lined with strips or embedded throughout, you can both purchase and create your own tables featuring LED lights.
  • Bike Wheels: Not only do LEDs on bike wheels look awesome, they also serve a purpose for late-night rides. Cyclists can choose colors and patterns to make their bike completely unique—and totally visible.
  • Sound-Activated Shirts: A popular item, many companies have started producing LED shirts, which are activated with sound. A common use for Christmas attire, you can find shirts that light up with your favorite holiday tune.
  • LED Strips: Available for the average DIYer, LED strips come in various sizes and colors to be used on virtually anything. You can use them to line your vehicle, light a room of the home, and much more.

Standard Uses for LEDs

Of course, LEDs serve a range of purposes other than creative and DIY projects. For starters, LEDs provide a bright, yet soft lighting—which is why we use them in our bathroom mirrors. Plus, they’re energy efficient and last significantly longer than your average incandescent bulb. Considering all these factors, LEDs are used everyday. Take a look below:

  • Light Therapy: Seasonal Affective Disorder, often brought on by a lack of sunlight can be quite debilitating, but many sufferers have looked to LEDs for light therapy. With varying temperatures and brightness, some LED bulbs can emit light to emulate that of the sun.
  • Growing Plants: LEDs also provide great lighting for growing plants, which has caused many to create LED-lit planting pots to efficiently provide light to their plants.
  • Automotive Lights: Considering the response time of LEDs, many car manufactures have begun to use them in interior lighting, brake lights, and even as daytime headlights to make cars more visible to other drivers. Plus, LEDs boast incredible longevity, so you don’t have to worry much about a tail light going out.

LED Illuminated Mirrors from Lighted Image

As you can see, LED lighting serves countless purposes, and their wide usage only continues to grow as the technology is explored. Needless to say, there’s a reason we use LEDs here at Lighted Image, and as a result, we provide incredible and innovative mirrors for the home and office.

If you’d like to reap the benefits of LED lights and anti-fog mirrors, view our selection of LED mirrors today!

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