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How to Wire an Illuminated Switch on a Lighted Image Mirror


Lighted Image mirrors are designed to easily attach to the wall with four anchor screws. Most of our mirrors come with a steel base that supports the mirror and attaches to the wall with these anchor screws. The 110V main power supply that is connected to your wall lights and ceiling fan also powers the mirror's LED lights.

After locating your home’s 110V cabling, insert the wires into the mirror’s steel back plate. Our mirrors are hard-wired, and they require the user to connect their home’s wires directly into the mirror. If you are unsure or uncomfortable about connecting electrical wires, consult an electrician or watch our detailed videos. The 110V power supply is usually color coordinated (black, white, green), but some mirrors may require additional quick plugs for the built-in de-mister.

Different Kinds of Lighted Image Mirror Switches

Lighted Image mirrors come in various sizes and styles. Some mirrors use a manual switch located on the bottom right side of the base. Others have a switch that you activate by waving your hand in front of the sensor switch. Turn off the illuminated mirror by waving your hand again in front of the sensor. This is great for people with dirty or wet hands. The switch is activated when you connect the mirror to the 110V cabling.

The Lighted Image LED Exquisite Illuminated mirror has a blue touch sensor switch found at the bottom of the mirror. Touch this sensor to turn the mirror on and off. Dimmable LED mirrors use a built in touch sensor panel that enables users to set their mirror to any level of illumination.

What is an Illuminated Mirror?

Lighted Image uses LED lights to provide the best light while also saving energy. LED bulbs use 80% less energy than the standard bulb, and they radiate warm skin tones that will illuminate your best features. Lighted Image mirrors provide your home and bathroom with a modern look that you will see first thing in the morning when you look in the mirror. We find the best glass and test it to make sure the surface is perfectly flush with no distortions. The edges of each mirror are lined with LED lights and silver nitrate to protect the glass and give it a modern aesthetic.

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If you are having a hard time connecting your mirror to the wall, or you don’t have the right wall wiring, consult with an electrician. For more information about our products, check out our website or call 855-533-6477

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