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Best makeup Lighting


Many homeowners or renters may have come to the realization that the lighting in their home is not the best for applying makeup. The light can be yellow, generic, and warm, covering up what you truly look like. If you are looking for a lighting situation in your bathroom or bedroom to improve applying makeup, you can find backlit mirrors that provide excellent lighting to see every detail of your face.

Lighted Image is focused on providing consumers and businesses with mirrors that are backlit with LED lights. These lights give you the clearest view of your face so you can accurately apply makeup. If your home has weak lighting and you want to improve it, we offer the best mirrors for in home lighting. Here is some more information the best makeup lighting and our products.

The Best Type of Lighting

There is no argument, the best lighting for applying makeup is natural daylight. It provides an evenly diffused and clear look so you can easily see if you are blending your makeup properly. Unfortunately, natural daylight can be limited in a home and mirrors can be limited outside. The next best option is to go with natural white lighting.

Natural white lighting is going to provide you with a look that is very close to natural daylight. On top of that, it doesn’t depend on a 24 hour cycle and you can take advantage of it inside your home. If it is dark or cold out, you can use natural white lighting to do your makeup indoors where you are comfortable.

It is best to avoid yellow, rose, and fluorescent lights. These types of lights can discolor your actual view of your face and alter how you apply makeup. It also hides a lot of your face and makes it hard for you to pick the colors you want to apply accurately. It can pull out all the imperfections and give you a bad look.

The Advantage of Backlit Mirrors

For the best lighting and mirrors to apply your makeup, you can take advantage of our wide selection of mirrors at Lighted Image. LED lights provide beautiful light and save on your energy bills. Our mirrors come in many different shapes and sizes to fit your bathroom or bedroom perfectly. The backlit mirrors are sure to give you the best look at details on your face.

Order A Mirror for the Best Makeup Lighting Today!

If you are tired of trying to do your makeup without the proper lighting, it is time to order from Lighted Image. Our products are designed to give you the best look at your face so you can apply makeup accurately. If you are ready to see our selection, view our catalogue and order your mirror today!

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