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LED Mirror Installation


You’ve received your new, beautiful LED mirror today, now what do you do with it? Installation can seem intimidating and complicated. With this easy DIY guide, you can easily and efficiently install your own LED mirror.

Installing Your LED Mirror

At Lighted Image, we understand the difficulty most people experience doing any home improvements on their own. As such, we have put together this DIY guide to easy LED mirror installation.

  • SHUT OFF power to the electrical wiring. Remove old mirrors and lighting.
  • Disconnect LED mirror from its base.
  • Mark where you want to place the new mirror.
  • Attach steel base to the wall using the 4 anchor screws (included).
  • The 110V wiring will come through the hold in the center of the base and attaches to corresponding wiring within the steel base.
  • The mirror is hard-wired and requires 110V cabling that is inserted into the back of the mirror’s steel back plate.
  • The 110V main supply cabling then connects to the corresponding wires inside the mirror using wire nuts or an electrical block connector.
  • Once you’ve correctly connected the 110V wiring, you’ll need to attach the quick plugs, allowing the De-Mister to work.
  • After all the necessary connections have been made and tested, you can then slot the mirror into the steel base.
  • You may also, depending on the mirror model, need to anchor the mirror to the base, for added safety.

When you receive your mirror, you will also receive helpful DIY instructions for installation. You can download a copy of those instructions here or watch a DIY video our professionals put together. If you still feel totally lost, we recommend calling a professional for installation.

Call Today To Reserve Your LED Mirror

Whether you are remodeling your older home, re-decorating your office or building a new home, our custom LED mirrors will add the right amount of beauty and elegance to any space. We use only the highest quality materials in our innovative, cutting-edge products. Call today to reserve your mirror at 888-LED-MIRROR!

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