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Best bulbs for a bathroom vanity


Do you hate getting to an important event and realizing that your makeup looks like your 2 year old applied it? We hate that that too. Because of our strong dislike for this situation, we have done some research on what light bulb makes the perfect vanity mirror. Never again will you be caught with less than perfect brows!

Makeup experts agree, the correct lighting is imperative to achieving your ideal makeup look. To that end, the following is a list of the factors that make the perfect lighting for your vanity.

First things first, STAY AWAY FROM...

When applying makeup, there are just a few things that you definitely want to stay away from! We’ve compiled a list of the biggest no-no’s:

  • Fluorescent lighting: No one, and I mean no one looks good in fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights are overly bright and can cause you do go overboard on bronzers, blush or foundations. Just say no to fluorescent!
  • Yellow light: Yellow light can make you look sickly or tired. This may cause you to overdo the powder or concealer to try and hide the dark spots cast by the yellow light. Just say no to yellow light!
  • Rosy light: Rosy light can give us a false healthy, vibrant or glowing appearance. This may seem great, but later you realize that you haven’t used enough concealer and you see blemishes and dark spots. Just say no to Rosy light!
  • Downlighting: Remember when you used to scare your siblings by holding the flashlight under your chin and causing shadows to make your face look scary. This is the same idea, only in reverse. Downlight casts shadows under your eyes and makes wrinkles more visible than they would normally be. Just say no to downlighting!!

Now that we’ve talked about some of the things you should definitely avoid in lighting, let’s discuss what you SHOULD do!

Invest in the best!

Lighting is definitely a must when applying makeup of any kind. Investment in the correct lighting can make you more confident in your makeup abilities and will save you in your countless failed attempts and reapplying.

A warm, natural light is going to be your best friend when applying makeup. Natural sunlight is going to give you the best, most accurate reflection of your face. But sometimes, natural sunlight isn’t an option. On those days, an LED lighted vanity is going to going to be the next best thing to sunlight. LED lights evenly distribute light across your entire face and most closely match the light you would get from the sun.

When applying makeup, it’s important that any lightsource is at eye level. When light comes from above, it forces you to crane your head too far up, hampering your ability to achieve the look you’re searching for. When the majority of light comes from eye level, cross illumination diffuses light evenly over your entire face.

Call us at 855-LED-MIRROR today!

At Lighted Image, we understand the importance of LED lights in achieving makeup perfection. We only use high-quality, long-lasting LED bulbs in our illuminated vanities. Once you’ve tried one of our LED mirrors, you’ll never want to apply your makeup in another kind of light. Call our lighting experts with any questions you have at 855-LED-MIRROR today!

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