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Why Use Concave Mirrors for Makeup and Shaving?


What about concave mirrors makes them superior when applying makeup or shaving? Concave mirrors are curved, bulging inward. Objects being viewed in the mirror often appear larger than they really are. Why is this ideal for shaving or makeup application? It gives the user a closer, more detailed view of their faces and all work being done.

Types of Mirrors

A mirror is a reflective surface where light rays are bounced off an object (in this case, a face) and are reflected back to the viewers eye allowing them to see the reflected image (their face). Let’s talk about the different TYPES of mirrors:

  • Plain: A plain mirror is a flat surface. Light rays are reflected without bending, replicating the object’s exact size and shape, a “mirror image”.
  • Convex: These mirrors curve outwardly. Light rays diverge as they reflect off the curve in this mirror; as the rays converge again, the viewer sees the image. Images are upright and appear farther away than they truly are.
  • Concave: Concave mirrors curve inwardly. Light rays diverge off the curve of a concave mirror. When the reflected image is far away, it may appear upside down. When close up, the object is right side up and magnified. This is a highly beneficial feature with makeup application and shaving as it gives more detail of facial features.

When applying makeup or shaving, fine details become crucial to achieving your desired look. Holding a concave mirror close to your face magnifies important areas. Combining a concave mirror with long lasting LED lights, gives the user an unparalleled makeup or shaving experience. Lighted Image mirrors are made of the highest quality glass available and thick mirror silvering. We pride ourselves on providing a superior makeup application and/or shaving mirror to our clients. Check out our LED makeup/shaving mirrors here .

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Our friendly staff members are happy to help you with your mirror in any way possible. Mirrors are shipped to your door ready to install, with simple DIY instructions. As a family owned company, we rely on satisfied customers who want share their positive experiences with friends and family. At Lighted Image, we strive for innovation and perfection. Call today to reserve your LED illuminated mirror at 855-LED-MIRROR!

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