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What is an Illuminated Mirror?

An Illuminated Mirror uses either LED’s (Light Emitting Diodes) or Fluorescent bulbs to create lighting within the mirror. Illuminated Mirrors can be installed in your bathroom or anywhere you desire a stylish mirror.


Won’t the Illuminated Mirror fog up if installed in the bathroom?

All Lighted Images Illuminated Mirrors have a built in de-mister located on the back of the mirror. When your mirror is switched on, this de- mister will keep your mirror clear from fog and condensation.


How do you turn the mirror on?

This depends on the mirror you purchased. Some of our mirrors use a motion sensor on/off switch which is located on the right side of the mirror towards the bottom. Once you have correctly connected the 110V cabling to the appropriate wiring and know power is getting to the mirror, simply swipe your hand passed the sensor switch once to turn the mirror on; swipe your hand again to turn the mirror off. Our motion sensor switch allows you to illuminate the mirror without physically having to touch the switch. Great for when your hands are wet or dirty.

Another way to turn your mirror on which is applicable to our LED Exquisite Illuminated mirror is a touch sensor. The touch sensor for this mirror is located towards the bottom in the center of the LED Mirror and illuminates blue; so please keep this in mind. To turn this mirror on you touch the sensor and then touch it again to turn the mirror off.

Our dimmable LED mirrors use an external LED controller touch panel to turn the mirror on and off. This external touch panel also allows you to illuminate the mirror to the desired level of light.


What powers the mirror’s lighting?

Illuminated Mirrors our powered directly from your 110V main power supply. This means that the mirrors are hard wired and require cabling that is directly inserted in to the back of the mirror’s steel back plate. The 110V cabling then connects to the appropriate wires located inside the mirror.

These mirrors do require electrical installation and unless you know you have the cabling available and know how to install hard-wired electrical items, we recommend employing the services of an electrician to ensure the mirror is installed properly and safely.


How does the mirror attach to the wall?

Our mirrors are designed to be easily attached to the wall using four anchor type screws (all fittings included) in each corner. The steel base of the mirror is attached to the wall, the power cable comes through the hole provided and the mirror then simply slots safely in to the steel base.


What do I do if the mirror won't turn on?

If your mirror won’t turn on using the paticular switch associated with the mirror, please check that all wiring is properly connected and power is getting to the mirror. If you are still unable to turn the mirror on we suggest employing the services of an electrician. If you used an electrician to have the mirror installed and it won’t turn on, please contact us.


What will my mirror look like?

Please review the images provided on the page for the mirrors you like. We have tried to provide accurate images that show you how your mirror will look. However, mirrors are one of the hardest things to photograph or video so keep this in mind when choosing your mirror. Whatever mirror you choose, we know you won’t be disappointed.


Once I purchase a mirror, when will I receive it?

We ship your mirror the same or next business day. Depending on your geographical location in the US and the shipping method chosen, you should expect to receive your mirror within 1-7 business days.


How much does it cost to ship my mirror?

Shipping costs are based on your geographical location and the shipping method. Shipping costs are calculated at the checkout but you can expect to pay anywhere between $20-$70 (potentially more in some instances).


What if I don’t like the mirror I purchase?

If you don’t like the mirror once you receive it due to design elements or taste, you have up to 30 days to return it to us. You will receive a full refund for the cost of the mirror as long as it is in original condition, has all the original packaging and has not been installed. To assist you with getting your LED mirror back to us, we will email you a return shipping label. It is our goal to provide customers with hassle free returns.


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