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How To Install Your Lighted Image LED Mirror

Our LED Illuminated Mirrors are designed to be easily attached to the wall using four anchor type screws (all fittings included). In most cases, the steel base of the mirror is attached to the wall using the four anchor type screws. The LED mirrors power source comes directly from your 110V mains power supply (just like a light or ceiling fan does). The 110V wiring will come through the hole provided in the center of the steel base and attaches to the correct wires within the steel base as shown in the Wiring Details section below.

The mirror is hard wired and requires 110V cabling that is directly inserted in to the back of the mirror’s steel back plate. If you don’t have this cabling available and are unsure of how to do this type of electrical work, we highly recommend using a licensed professional to assist you with installing your LED backlit mirror. The 110V mains supply cabling (Black, White and Copper for ground) simply connects to the appropriate wires located inside the mirror using wire nuts or electrical block connecter as applicable to the model.

Once the 110V wiring is correctly attached you will then need to attach the quick plugs which allow the De-Mister to work. Once all the necessary connections have been safely made, your LED illuminated mirror then simply slots safely on to the steel base which is attached to the wall. Depending on the model of mirror you have purchased, there may also be screws that are used to attach the mirror to the steel base. These are used to further safeguard your mirror and anchor it to the steel base.

You can download (PDF) installation instructions here and you will also receive a copy of them with your mirror.

Remember: Our LED Illuminated Mirrors require electrical installation and unless you know you have the cabling available and know how to install hard-wired electrical items such as lights or ceiling fans, we recommend employing the services of an electrician or professional to ensure your mirror is installed properly and safely.

Wiring Details

Incoming Wiring (from 110V Power source) Mirror Wiring
Black (live)  Black or as labeled
Earth (green, yellow or sleeved copper) Green
White (neutral) White or as labeled


Tools Needed

  • Screw driver
  • Drill
  • Pencil
  • Level
  • Electricians tape for wire nuts

In this DIY Video, we show you how to bypass the Sensor Switch so that you can turn your mirror on and off via a light switch.

In this DIY Video we show you the basic installation process for our Dimmable LED Illuminated Mirrors. Please note that because installation locations and mirror sizes vary, additional prep and finish work is required beyond what is shown here.

Here is our DIY Video for our LED Illuminated Mirror with Aluminum Frame - Sku: LI-LED4

Here is our DIY Video for our LED Exquisite Illuminated Mirror - Sku: LI-LED11

In this DIY Video we show you how to wire a three prong plug to your LED Illuminated Mirror.

In this DIY video we show you how to install a glass shelf to your LED Mirror. Shelves will only fit with LI-LED2, LI-LED3 and LI-LED10 LED mirrors.

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